250 - Forest Road, Dalston, London E8


Our client purchased an abandoned Public House, together with some land to the rear containing an associated garage. The proposal was to refurbish the Pub, and the generate residential accommodation above - together with 3 new houses on the land.

We modified the application to include a 3 bedroom family house to the rear area as directed by the local Authority Conservation Design Office. In designing the proposed 3 bedroom house, we have closely observed the issues raised by the planning inspectorate at the recent appeal. The main issues are as follows:

1) Gap required between corner pub building and proposed new building on Elrington Road
2) Design and materials to respect the character of buildings on Elrington Road and in the conservation area.
3) The proposed new unit should not cause problems associated with overlooking and overshadowing
4) Existing sycamore and tree on Elrington Road to be retained

We have taken the adjacent houses on Elrington Road as an immediate design reference and propose a palette of materials to match these existing units. We suggest that the proposal would be welcomed by the residents over the Conservation Design Office as a harmonious addition to the streetscape, and provides the much needed accommodation in the local community. The unit has off street parking and retains many features of the existing site.

Our clients are most keen to progress the scheme and complete works both to The Prince Arthur and the rear site, to return this seemingly abandoned plot back into it’s much needed community use.


Design completed October 2002