314 - The Orchard, Shillington, Bedfordshire


Our approach has been to maximize development on the site, but most importantly to retain the impression of a “bespoke” product contained in it’s own grounds. We appreciate that the marketing of this type of unit will be towards a user for whom privacy is key. We have therefore examined both a typical unit, and how these units are placed on the plot to offer as greater separation as possible, and to limit the impact of each unit upon it’s neighbour.

To achieve as greater construction efficiency as possible, we have considered that each unit would be similar, with only minor layout changes making each house individual. The idea of the house is that it is predominantly orientated to the rear, providing a “formal” entrance court, “gravel drive” which is typical to the more luxury countryside home. This reinforces privacy and status, whilst the rear elevations could be much more relaxed, and open to the countryside, maximizing the impressive views.


Design completed September 2004