293 - Winebury House, Cobham, Surrey


The approach has been to retain the central core containing the majority of the bedroom and living accommodation. The replacement construction would consist of a two storey element contained within the left hand side of the site, and nestled into the landscape.This accommodation would rationalise the circulation, resolve garages, and provide a new pool
block on the opposing side of the site, thus releasing the garden to the house.
This approach would “protect” and “contain” the central development from the road level. The rear areas would be set down into the existing soft landscaping and would offer negligible impact to neighboring properties.

Survey works were instructed to provide measured information relating to the house and it’s location with respect to adjacent buildings and the access road. We are very concerned that a detail language be sought for the building that is architecturally identifiable as being different from the enclosing wings, but to be relevant to the functions that the new works are performing. The design rationale behind the final proposals are to create the following distinct areas within the accommodation;
1. Clearly identifiable entrance area
2. Clearly identifiable “public” and “private” zones
3 To retain as much of the existing building as is practicable

To achieve this clear diagram within the proposed building we have introduced the following
1. New entrance screen - as a new insertion this element should be contemporary and clearly
identifiable as “entrance”.
2. New screen wall - a lower similarly contemporary device to provide logic to the plan, both
internally and externally.
3. New central core - removing the existing central roof bulk which provides a generous
entrance area. This new element is contained within the ridge lines of the existing roofs,
and rationalizes the entrance areas and provides good accommodation at ground and first
floor levels.


Design and full tender documentation March 2006